The Chore Master
 Got Kids... Got Chores... Get Results!

Parents are excited about Chore Master!  Read below and see what they have to say.  Meanwhile, if you are a current customer and would like to send a testimony, please send it to

Ingenious! The program is like having a "kiddie" contract with my daughter. She really enjoys getting her allowance......

- B. Magee
Charter Schools, Operations Manager, Shreveport, LA

Thanks Chore Master! I've struggled for years to get my children to pick up behind themselves. Chore Master has really changed the way we manage things around our house. Great Job!....

- C. Anthony
Insurance Adjuster, Atlanta, GA

I really love this! I can't believe how simple it is to manage my children now. I really like the fact that I only have one report to review. This report says it all!....

- M. Oxendine
Columbia, SC

Excellent program! My child really enjoys logging on the computer with his personal password! He really feels involved. It didn't take him long to realize that I check behind him to make sure what he said happened, really happened.....

V. Robertson
3rd Grade Teacher, Biloxi, MS

I love it!  I really enjoy the one button parent confirmation feature.  It takes me less than a minute to confirm chores for both of my kids!.....

- S. King
Flight Attendant, Los Angeles, CA

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