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About Us

Goal Statement:  To provide families with a systematic and easy way to manage their children's daily chores and expected behaviors.

Dear Parents:

Chore Master was created in response to our children constantly asking or should I say "pleading" for a weekly allowance.  They always wanted money to buy video games, purchase toys, go to the movies, or buy candy.  In exchange for us "giving" them money, we found ourselves "pleading" with them to clean their rooms, wash dishes, or simply pick up behind themselves!

As a result, we decided to develop a system where our children could "earn" an allowance as opposed to us simply giving them one.  Chore Master is our answer!  Now our kids have a list of expected chores and behaviors they must perform on a daily basis.  The program requires each child to log on the computer on a daily basis to annotate completion, non completion, or request to be excused from daily chores and behaviors.  There is no need for old fashioned charts on doors or refrigerators!  Later in the evening, at our convenience, one parent logs on to confirm whether the chores were completed or not.  Chore Master does the rest.  It keeps track of what they earn on a daily basis and provides an online report that is easy to read and lets both the child and parent know exactly where they stand.  We encourage you to check out our demo for more details.  Thanks again for visiting The Chore Master.

A sincere thanks to my wife, Brenzena and my children, Alexis, Cletis II and Jordan for their suggestions, patience, and moral support during the development of Chore Master.  A special thanks to Cedric Rayford and LaMonte Leath for programming and technical support.

Cletis B. Avery

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